Weekly Messages

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I Mean It This Time - Aubrey Hutson8/16/2020https://youtu.be/yVT1_3RjpwQ
I Want To Be Like Jesus - Pastor Katy Reeves8/9/2020https://youtu.be/Af5NL6rdwfA
Jesus is Looking for Obedience - Aubrey Hutson8/9/2020https://youtu.be/bI5GFX6V1OY
New Step Outreach - Mary Cross8/2/2020https://youtu.be/McVql1Y0c6s
The God Who Sees - El Roi - Aubrey Hutson8/2/2020https://youtu.be/kFB9Rg4q1HI
Giving Should Always Come From Love - Aubrey Hutson7/26/2020https://youtu.be/2ZThEBc7dKg
What Does Discipline Mean - Code of Behavior - Pastor Katy Reeves7/26/2020https://youtu.be/8_zRha7jmSQ
Living a Discipline Life - Pastor Katy Reeves7/19/2020https://youtu.be/EPRNeeRP24Y
What Are You Willing to Die for Just to Have - Aubrey Hutson7/19/2020https://youtu.be/m0uGwPyyDdI
Be Deliberate in Your Giviing - Pastor Larry Reeves7/12/2020https://youtu.be/_5wnfDwTIiA
Does Our Giving Still Have a Purpose - Aubrey Hutson7/12/2020https://youtu.be/T_uqTxJVsxU
Your Heart as a Garden - Pastor Larry Reeves7/12/2020https://youtu.be/nQh4b4cB_ho
You Have a Platform - Aubrey Hutson7/5/2020https://youtu.be/4sdLQTjOpy4
Open Your Mouth - Pastor Katy Reeves6/28/2020https://youtu.be/knRdIa1hphU
What Are We Holding Back Today - Aubrey Hutson6/28/2020https://youtu.be/ztw3pEOiWls
Father's Day - Pastor Larry Reeves6/21/2020https://youtu.be/lBrOjzcg4R0
Honor Your Mother and Father - Aubrey Hutson6/21/2020https://youtu.be/MroUNb6stsA
God Is Always There - Aubrey Hutson6/14/2020https://youtu.be/CzjSP-NlFNI
Racism: How To Eradicate It - Pastor Katy Reeves6/14/2020https://youtu.be/6Hrta60kfn0
What Kind of Value Do You Put On Your Giving - Aubrey Hutson6/7/2020https://youtu.be/jEInll9odP0
Don't Forget Who You Are - Aubrey Hutson5/24/2020https://youtu.be/Dkpg423SBtY
Our Giving is a Seed - Aubrey Hutson5/17/2020https://youtu.be/_L8NKdEY4qo
The Kingdom of Heaven - How Does It End - Part 4 - Pastor Katy Reeves5/17/2020https://youtu.be/E3WwgTiV0b4
Kingdom of Heaven - The Believer's Role - Part 3 - Pastor Katy Reeves5/10/2020https://youtu.be/5Rzx5KDPIp8
Be a Blessing - Aubrey Hutson5/3/2020https://youtu.be/mS14ouzdIU0
The Kingdom of Heaven - What the Kingdom Is Like - Part 2 - Pastor Katy Reeves5/3/2020https://youtu.be/0o2PP0YIYWQ
The Kingdom Of Heaven - How Will It Come - Part 1 - Pastor Katy Reeves4/26/2020https://youtu.be/hy6rD4mU5uc
You Can Change What You See - Aubrey Hutson4/26/2020https://youtu.be/CuswhDqx5IM
A Form of Godliness, But Denying the Power - Pastor Larry Reeves4/19/2020https://youtu.be/E_6HOGvpT90
How Important is Our Giving - Aubrey Hutson4/19/2020https://youtu.be/oHdWp33lceA
All Things - Pastor Micki Todd4/5/2020https://youtu.be/q8W-BiA8Xm8
His Name Be Upon You - Aubrey Hutson4/5/2020https://youtu.be/icOuFpY0UaE
Move Forward Today - Aubrey Hutson3/29/2020https://youtu.be/N3Pm2JvyGRE
Yakety Yak, You Better Talk Back - Pastor Larry Reeves3/29/2020https://youtu.be/BWFOsd6OCNc
Understanding Faith - Pastor Katy Reeves3/22/2020https://youtu.be/gIFkLy5Q4eU
Worship God Only - Aubrey Hutson3/22/2020https://youtu.be/dQf5QNBn8l0
Men Are Not From Mars, Women Are Not From Venus - Pastor Katy Reeves3/15/2020https://youtu.be/65RdvHADVmg
When You Sow Into God's Kingdom - Aubrey Hutson3/15/2020https://youtu.be/V_w4XDLUscA
A CLEAN CLOSET - PASTOR LARRY REEVES3/8/2020https://youtu.be/x86YSY7Waj8
How to Access Your Storehouse - Aubrey Hutson3/1/2020https://youtu.be/8Pfq4DHx9RQ
The Fear of the Lord - Pastor Micki Todd3/1/2020https://youtu.be/KEB-y2C6on0
Let Giving Flow From Your Heart - Aubrey Hutson2/23/2020https://youtu.be/LzHUNTq0btk
Name That Mountain - Pastor Larry Reeves2/23/2020https://youtu.be/qRYiwwBtQKM
Don't Hide Your Lamp - Aubrey Hutson2/16/2020https://youtu.be/M6J3xgdIoHQ
In The Face of Unbelief - Pastor Katy Reeves2/16/2020https://youtu.be/WrOiFnP8dik
Allow His Heart to Become Yours - Aubrey Hutson2/9/2020https://youtu.be/smPe8e-WdY4
It's Mine and I Take It Now - Pastor Larry Reeves2/9/2020https://youtu.be/3BXI17ATpJE
The Power of Truth - Pastor Micki Todd2/2/2020https://youtu.be/Ejc0Twafv_M
Jesus Came to Fulfill the Law - Aubrey Hutson1/26/2020https://youtu.be/0ZGf7hbxvgk
Live In Life, Not Death - Aubrey Hutson1/19/2020https://youtu.be/ShrQetsjyfA
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Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. -- 1 Corinthians 13:4-8